Our Diploma Project “The most boring Granny”,
is very special to me. I am still very grateful to be able to Direct this Project.

It was a great experience, to work with over 20 people on this
7 Min. 3D-Animation Shortfilm.

Have a look at our Instagram Page, to get some insight about the Project and the Process.

We where very happy about out Premiere at the Berlinale 2022 and 
to be Shortlisted for the Yugo BAFTA Student Awards 2022.

Some insights of how I planed and staged the shots. My approach was to go from small to big, from rough to detailed. 
With every new Version I could add another level of detail. 

And there is no Film-making without Teamwork.
Please check them out on Instagram.

Voice Greta
Charlotte Boon @hanniebeesworld

Voice Oma Maritta
Luise Lunow

Voice Granny Maritta
Nano Nagle

original Screenplay
Manuel Ostwald @manuel_ostwald

Jiayan Chen @cyanyanc

Damaris Zielke @damariszielke

Pipeline & CG Supervisor
Janik Otterbach

Asset Lead
Verena Nomura @verenanomura

Director of Photography
Michael Throne @midger

Production Design
Anna Vehres @annaveh

Charactedesign & Illustrations
Laura Staab @laura_staab_

Lead Concept Art
Charlotte Hintzmann

additional Character Design
Lukas von Berg @sketchberg

Matte Painting
Matthias Ries @ries.illustration

additional Conceptart
Julia Skala @juliacskala
Gewonla Heck @guanosh

Screenplay translation
Kristi James @kristiliveshere

Character Rigging
TD/ Character Modeling Lead
Denise Hoffmann @denice.ly

Asset Rigging & Character Shading
Pascal Schober

Character Modeling
Eva Vomhoff

Ramon Schauer @ramon_schauer

Jérôme-Kian Farzamfar
Kai Götz

Wunna Winter @wunnawinter

Asset Modeling Lead
Steffen Oberle

Verena Nomura

Kai Götz
Tristan Jaegly @tristanjaegly
Verena Nomura

Character FX
Lucas Bruchhage
Lukas Kapp @kapplukas

Cloth Simulation
Denise Hoffmann

procedural Modeling
Tim Markgraf @tim__markgraf


Damaris Zielke
Ferdinand Ehrhardt @ferdinand.ehrhardt
Patrik Knittel @patrikknittel
Sarah Schulz @shoshotechi
Lukas von Berg
Tanja Gruber
Laura Staab @laura_staab_


Jérôme-Kian Farzamfar
Kai Götz
Justus Schmidt @3djustus
Daniel Schmucker @schlotzbaer
Janik Otterbach


Wathinee Donsuypae
Kai Götz
Daniel Schmucker @schlotzbaer
Marvin Sprengel @murph_spreng
Janik Otterbach

Title Design
Tao Zhang @tonistale

Julian Niesner @julianniesner

Supervision/ Editing &Re-Recording
Max Hartstang @hartstagnan

Sounddesign & Foley Artist
Marieke Czogalla

Composer & Conductor
Hannes Bieber @hannesbieber21

Music Re-Rerecording
Vladimir Martinka

Žilina Chamber Orchestra

Clarinet & Accordion
Marco Minner
Oliver Curdt

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