My Bachelor Project "Shadowfox", tells the story about a little fox who looses its shadow in the forest. The Preschool Film should encourage children to go to the forest more often.

Im very happy that you can get "Shadowfox" along with other cute films at the Anima für Kids - Die Dritte! Dvd Collection
Shadowfox was screened over 20 Filmfestivals.
Like the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), Dok-Leipzig, SCHLINGEL - Internationales Filmfestival, Filmfest Dresden, Chicago, International, Children's Film Festival, Anibar Animation Festival, Filmtage FriedrichshafenZERO PLUS International Film Festival, FIIN, Cartoon Club, AFC Global Fest, Monstra -  MONSTRINHA 2018 Competition, SunChild 10th International Environmental Festival and was part of the Monstra decentralisation Programme
Produced at the: Bauhaus Univerity Weimar
Story, Directing, Animation, Music: Damaris Zielke
Year: 2016
Voices: Sara & Meike Preus
Setaufbau Assistence : Jonathan David Wedler
Color Grading : Alexander Graef
Sound Design: Benjamin Voßler
Sound Mastering: Michael Holz
Voiceactors: Maike Preuss, Sara Preuss

special thanks to: Ulrike Mothes, Nik Neumetzer,
Frauenförderfond Weimar 2015

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